A 2D finite volume model for debris flow and its application to
events occurred in the Eastern Pyrenees


FLATModel is a 2D finite volume code that contains several original approaches to improve debris-flow simulation. Firstly, FLATModel incorporates a “stop-and-go” technique in each cell to allow continuous collapses and remobilizations of the debris-flow mass. Secondly, flow velocity and consequently yield stress is directly associated with the type of rheology to improve boundary accuracy. Thirdly, a simple approach for entrainment is also included in the model to analyze the effect of basal erosion of debris flows. FLATMODEL was tested at several events that occurred in the Eastern Pyrenees and simulation results indicated that the model can represent rather well the different characteristics observed in the field.

Key Words: Numerical modeling, Finite volume, Debris flow, Stop-and-go, Entrainment


Download: 2008 IJSR-01